With 22 years of construction experience ...

we can deliver excellent customer service while keeping to our commitment to environmental construction standards. The Public construction services strives to provide owners with a project that meets their expectations and remains within budget and on schedule. These procedures, which have been successful on many projects, are divided into three parts: Pre-Construction Services, Construction Services, and Post-Construction Services.


Our Services

Energy Efficiency


Insulation, window, and new door upgrades can make a world of difference. The first step in making your business or home an energy efficient, livable space is LED lighting. We'll help you take advantage of local and federal incentives to offset the costs of purchase and installation.

Construction Services


The Public takes a personal approach to your construction management at a price you can afford, under budget.  Once construction begins, our team will continue to provide value added solutions until the systems are commissioned and owner accepted.

Solar PV 


Solar electricity is going to become cheaper than coal and natural gas by 2018. A solar system installed today pays for itself in six years and produces energy for at least 20 years. Oh, and the Feds and State pay for 40% of the installation cost.